Customer Testimonial from Alan B. in Cottage Grove, OR

Klaus Roofing with Josh Lowe at the head of its local dealership, did exactly what we asked them to do—give us a roof we could afford on limited retirement incomes that will last as long as we will, and help us feel safer in our home.  They did that.

Josh will acknowledge he is expanding his business from successfully working with insulation challenges and the like—also work that very much related to roofs as far as I was concerned.  So I took him up on his first agent’s visit and called him back to hear in detail what he was offering.  I especially liked that he understood how moisture works under roofs and helped me make the minor decisions about adding soffits, which my wife wanted anyway!

After I made my down payment, he named a date a few weeks out that worked just fine for us so we bumped knuckles and signed a contract.  I got a visit followed by regular calls from Clint, who took charge of the actual project, to help me stay in good touch with the timing of the project and what we expected.

The crew showed up in the week promised and did its job politely and respectfully in the three days predicted. I liked the crew Josh and Clint sent out to take off the shingles on my 100-yr-old house out in the country and put new ones on that I trust will last the 50 years their guarantee promises. Quick and efficient they were.  I’ve done property management for a decade back when I was younger—during those three days I saw a crew that knew how to work well with itself and how to respect the job.  I would recommend Klaus Roofing. 

- Alan B. of Cottage Grove, OR
Tuesday, March 23rd