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Klaus Roofing Systems of Oregon Case Studies: Leaking and Damaged Roof Replacement in Cottage Grove, OR

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This customer called us about his aging roof. Normally the first step in the process is an inspection from one of our certified inspectors. When we got a closer look at the roof, we discovered a significant amount of damage to the roof. Multiple leaking spots, cracked shingles, granule loss, and rot. 


The customer chose to replace his roof the Klaus Roofing way!

We start by removing the existing shingles and replacing any rotted or damaged plywood decking. We then renail all the wood decking and install new RVO vents. We also install a special synthetic underlayment that helps to prevent leaks and protect the roof. This customer chose IKO architectural shingles in Castle Grey for the new roof. Last but certainly not least, we haul away all the debris and clean up the job to the customer's satisfaction. The results are astounding!